The freedom of not finishing

I walked out of an art exhibition the other day.

Gasp!  I know, seriously, how daring am I?

I realised I wasn’t in the mood and walked away.  It was busy and hot and hectic and I knew I would have a more enjoyable time wandering round the city instead, taking photos and thinking my thoughts.  I felt carefree and liberated and in charge  of myself and my time.

I’m all for laudable ideals, of course, like doing what you say you will, keeping your word, being reliable, trustworthy, on time, a good friend…

But there’s a difference between keeping your word and not letting anyone down, and doggedly finishing  or going through with something that has ceased to be enjoyable, just because at some earlier point in time you thought it was a good idea.

You don’t always need to ‘see things through’ in order to be a good person.

You are the boss of you!  You get to choose where your time and energy is invested.

I used to think it was some sort of crime to give up on a book.  If I’d invested several hours and emotional energy into it already, surely it would be a ‘waste’ of those hours if I didn’t determinedly pursue it to the bitter end?

Our time on the planet is brief! Let’s make the most of that time, not waste it away doing something that’s stopped being fun or worthwhile. It would be a double waste of time to finish a book out of some misguided attempt to stick things out, because  we’ve been told it’s better to ‘start what you finish’. Those hours reading the dull book are gone! We don’t need to lose any more!  Who exactly is keeping score anyway?

You’re answerable to yourself and only yourself.

You are responsible for yourself, your happiness, and what you do and do not do with your time.  If that means giving up on a book halfway through, walking out of a crap film, leaving a party early, or not going out at all because you just don’t feel like it, then so be it.  That’s the beauty of being autonomous and free!  We just need to act on it!

Don’t do things you don’t want to do. Wouldn’t life be simpler if we all kept to this whenever it was reasonably possible?  I’m not talking about shirking responsibility and living in a selfish bubble as if you were the only person on the planet.  If you have people in your life and you want them to stay there, then of course you have to consider them and make them part of the equation.

But don’t say yes when you really want to say no  to a favour, a night out, whatever.  Your time is precious.  You are precious!  Don’t commit to something unless your heart is really in it. And while we’re at it, remember that you are allowed to change your mind.  Yes really!  You’re in charge!  Circumstances alter, feelings change.  You don’t need to be an unreliable flake but realise that you don’t always have to stay the course.

I know you feel responsible for others people’s happiness, but you are not.

If you do something out of a misplaced sense of duty or obligation you’re not doing anyone any favours, least of all yourself.  You’ll be resentful, and you’ll likely feel depleted because you won’t be being true to yourself. Plus there will probably be weird energy around, because what you are really feeling inside won’t be in alignment with your actions, and that will be somehow palpable.

Maybe we’re worried that we won’t live up to other people’s expectations of who we are. Fine.  Good, even!  There is much liberation to be found in being able to disappoint other people.  Let them be disappointed!  You don’t have a contract with them!  You never signed a deal, saying you were infallible, or flawless, that you never mess up, or change your mind, make mistakes, or have crazy out-of-whack days.

Maybe the person you say no to will react badly, or take it personally. That might be true but it isn’t for you to try to control.  Your job is to be true to yourself, and communicate your truth with respect and kindness, and leave the rest to do whatever it is going to do.

What terrible thing do you think is going to happen anyway?   That people won’t like you?  So what?  What about you liking yourself?  How are you going to feel about yourself if you prioritize someone else’s happiness over your own, time and time again?   What do you think this will do in the long run to your self respect and confidence, not to mention your general happiness and wellbeing?

So much icky communication happens because of doing and saying stuff out of a sense of duty, second guessing, worry or fear. These are not helpful places to make choices from!  We must act from a place of our own truth and sincerity since we can never know or control how someone else is going to react or feel.  Other people are completely out of our area of control.

Identify the areas in your life that are in your control where you can really exercise your autonomy, and act accordingly.  Really.  Leave something unfinished, challenge someone’s expectations of you, change your mind, abandon a project halfway through.  It might not feel easy but I bet you will be happier for it!

Jenny xx

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Happy Friday beautiful people!

Want to go and hide in a cave and make it all go away forever? Read this first!


It’s easy to get bogged down and depressed by the distress and hurt and misery and searing pain that exists in the world, to want to wallow in a pit of disgust, fear and mud.  To think, really – no really – what is the fucking point, I’m actually just going to go and live the rest of my life in this nearby cave.

We are constantly bombarded with news so depressing and stories so upsetting that you can’t help but think that humanity is just made up of pigs, (sorry pigs) and stupid dangerous imbeciles.


I’m depressing myself again. The world is not full of awful people; at least they don’t make up the majority.

My point is this:  We know life is not a bed of roses.

Don’t be apathetic, of course, but don’t imagine that the fear and hatred and bullshit we see all around us is all there is, and don’t focus only on what is not helpful.  Of course we have to acknowledge that awful things exist –  only then can we attempt to do something about them. But don’t dwell in that place which  makes you feel more upset, or so numb, fearful and overwhelmed that you get into a state of paralysis and retreat inward, put up walls, and refuse to participate fully in life.

That’s the easy thing to do.  It’s easier to feel so much overwhelm you do nothing.  It’s easier to block everything out and become a sneery cynic, or choose to not believe that you can make a difference, because it’s all too uncomfortable anyway.  It’s easier to stay on the same path than change course, as that involves getting up and moving and doing something different.


Let’s not forget the fact that there is so much good going on in the world too.  So many good people, and good news, and touching stories, and kindnesses, and compassion, and love.

Here’s a story I often think back to when I need reminding that people on this planet don’t just want to hurt each other.

A long time ago, when I was a wee lass of 19 tender years I went travelling with a friend on a round the world ticket.

Footloose and fancy free!

We had been staying in Bali and were due to fly to Singapore to visit a family friend. Foolishly, (because we were young and reckless, and living in the moment) we had let our money run out almost completely.  We knew we would be looked after in Singapore, and from there we’d be heading home, so, you know, no problem.

But… we hadn’t counted on having to pay airport tax.

We were in a tiny hut of an airport in Bali in 1994. There were approximately six other people in the airport,  three of whom were staff. When we said we couldn’t pay the tax (about 20 USD each, about three nights’ food and accommodation in Bali ), the ground staff started taking back our backpacks from the conveyor belt.


We had about 16 dollars between us.  No debit or credit cards.

It dawned on me that we were in a potentially dangerous situation.

I looked around.  Before I could properly think about what I was doing I approached a woman and asked if we would be able to borrow some money.  Feeling vulnerable and humiliated I started crying before I could get the words out.

She was such a nice woman!  She smiled.  She paid the tax.  She gave us extra cash.   She refused to give us her address so we could pay her back when we got home. She said she had a daughter our age.

We saw her later on the flight where we’d been amusingly upgraded to business class.   The universe was clearly having a bit of fun with us that day.

This beautiful kind stranger informed us she couldn’t let us get off the plane until she had given us more money, because what would we do once we landed?  Our friend wouldn’t be meeting us at the airport as he didn’t know when we were coming. (We had the wrong phone number for him, as it turned out.)  We were literally going along to an unfamiliar country on a wing and a prayer.

She ended up giving us about 150 dollars. She said the way we could repay her was to do the same for someone else, should we one day find ourselves in a similar situation where the roles were reversed.

Thank you lovely lovely person whose name we never even found out!

I will remember and treasure you forever.

What I am trying to say is this:

Be kind.  Have compassion for your fellow humans in trouble or caught up in their particular pain and grievance and bullshit.  Do the right thing.  Live in alignment with your values.  If you are able to help someone or make their world the tiniest bit better then do it without question, because what’s the alternative?  Be inspired by the good people and the countless small acts of kindness you no doubt experience every day,  if you look hard enough.  Act how you know you can if you really try.

Remember the good stuff that’s buried not that far underneath the surface.  Start with yourself.   Don’t underestimate your power and the agency you really have.  We can never know how far-reaching the consequences of our actions might be.

And that, my friends, is the tiniest bit of comfort I am holding onto at the moment.

That, and Joe’s amazing vegan orange cake.

Lots of love! xxx

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Thank you April…



♥ Time spent creating.

♥ Finishing my 12 Chinese zodiac animal collages.

♥ Publishing my first blog post in over 2 years.  I am proud of myself!!

♥ Time to wander around alone, lost in my own thoughts, and mini adventures in the city.

♥ Reminding me I have lovely supportive friends in my life.

♥ Finding 2 pins.

♥ Bike rides en famille.

♥ The always-inspiring Flow magazine.

♥ Too much Cava (not sure such a thing exists.  Too much of it, I mean.  I know for fact Cava exists.)

♥ Sunshine and beach visits.

♥ Amazing artesanal icecream after beach visits.

♥ Basil and mint plants and feeling spring-like looking at them flourishing!

♥ Discovering Rae Missigman.

♥ Orange and mint vegan cake made by the lovely Joe.  A variation on this recipe.

♥ Bringing my parents safely home from their mammoth trip to Cuba and the Carribean.

♥ Time spent listening to Kelly -Ann Maddox and Paul Jarvis.  Such wise and entertaining words they both utter!

♥ Roses for Saint Jordi’s day.

♥ A million oranges in the fruit bowl and feeling abundant.

Freedom Seeker book.  I’m now reading it a second time and making notes.

Boy Snow Bird book.  Excited to discover a new (to me) author.

♥ Carrot cake and coffee at Manso’s cafe.

♥ Finding brand new mini table football next to the bins.  Love you Barcelona!

♥ Seeing fish, sharks and sea dragons at the aquarium.



My April round up of things which have brought me joy.

It might seem a bit hackneyed but there’s a reason that making a regular list of things you’re grateful for is a tried and true practice.  Just the fact of writing things down that you can see in black and white pulls the happy moments of your life sharply into focus.

Which means you’ll likely attract more of them!

It’s also nice to have a record of the highlights of the month (or week, or whatever). Especially if you’re like me and obsessed with making the most of your time, and not wanting to have to wonder where it all suddenly went.

What’s on your gratitude list?



Words to use and avoid if you want to feel good!


The words we choose have an enormous influence on how we feel and the way we view ourselves and our lives.

You, my beautiful – precious – unique – cherub, are important, so let your language reflect that.

All of us matter and all of us have our own specific work to do in the world.  You’re here for a reason, cheeky chops.  If we are to fulfill our potential and make the most of our limited time here on the planet then we need to recognise the significant role that the words we use play in shaping our reality.

Yeah baby!

Here are some simple but effective ways to start using language as a tool of self-respect, empowerment and love:


Eliminate or reduce certain unhelpful words from your vocabulary.


I was having a really interesting conversation the other day, (with myself, but never mind about that), in which I was mulling over a topic and telling myself I found something quite inspiring.

Nothing wrong with that, you might assume.

Then I thought, why am I using the word ‘quite’?  I find this topic inspiring, full stop.  Or even – very or super – inspiring, there’s no ‘quite’ about it, so why am I tempering my true opinion with a ‘quite’?

What’s going on here?

Am I in some sort of misplaced self protective/fearful mode, afraid to simply make the declaration that for me something *is* inspiring,  as in, if I make such a bold statement without diluting it first then I might be made a fool of, should I later be proven wrong (even though that would be impossible because a, I’m never wrong, and b, it’s an opinion we’re talking about here..)

Or Is it because I am typically English and don’t want to ‘make a fuss’, or draw vulgar attention to myself, and I subconsciously believe I’d be ‘coming on too strong’ for some people, making it difficult for them to disagree with me because I’ve been so brazen as to state something as if it were an indisputable fact.  Which I actually haven’t anyway, as I’ve said it  only as an opinion.  And in my own head, for the love of god!

I know, I know, you wish you could be as calm and peaceful as my zen-like mind.

But seriously, don’t underestimate the potency and influence your words can have on your well-being and life in general.  It might seem far-fetched, but if you are constantly watering down the verbal expression of your feelings, or afraid to fully express your views (and therefore yourself) in all your magnificent glory, then over time this will send a clear message to your subconscious of smallness and unworthiness.

I’ve resolved to stop saying the word ‘quite’ unless I am quite* deliberately intending to modify/strenghthen/lessen the impact of whatever adjective it is I am using.

*Ha ha!  See what I did there?!

Another  unnecessary word to consider banishing is ‘just’, a word which can add an unwelcome hurried, harried feel to a conversation, and which can make you seem timidly diminished.

Think of the difference between: ‘I’m just going to do this’ and ‘I’m going to do this’,


‘Can I just ask a question?’ and ‘Can I ask a question?’

It sounds so much cleaner and clearer and expansive without the ‘just’! AmIrightorwhat??????

The ‘just’ is so meek and subservient!  It’s like apologising or seeking permission for going about your business, doing something, or having something to say, having an opinion, or just existing!

You are entitled to your place in the universe as much as everyone else! Claim it with pride! As long as you are respectful and kind –  then stand tall, be here and be your glorious self without any kind of implied apology!


Amp up the volume on certain words.


Conversely, a bit of auto-suggestion or acting ‘as if’ with the words you use can have a powerfully positive effect on how you feel.  I don’t mean by being or saying anything false, but rather to play up, accentuate, amplify and shift your focus onto what already exists that is positive.

So for example if someone asks how you are, and you’re feeling generally well and happy enough, then reply that you feel ‘great’ instead of merely ‘good’, and the chances are that you will then actually feel great rather than just good!


Say thank you instead of sorry.


Another idea I read about recently  (I think somewhere on Randi Buckley’s lovely and extremely helpful blog) is to substitute ‘thank you’ for ‘sorry’, as in ‘thank you for waiting for me’ rather than ‘sorry I’m late’, ‘thanks for understanding that I can’t do that favour,’ instead of ‘I’m sorry I can’t do you the favour’, ‘thank you for taking the time to explain something to me,’ instead of preempting a question with ‘Sorry to bother you, sorry to be a pain but…’ etc.

I find this truly empowering!  You still acknowledge the other person and their needs, but you’re coming from a positive place of gratitude and appreciation for that person, rather than making a negative apology for yourself.

Of course saying thank you rather than sorry is no substitute when you have actually done something wrong that you truly need or want to apologise for!


Notice the way you talk to yourself.


Nourishing words only!  Be kind.  Everything is better if you can be your own best friend and hold your own hand.  Speak to yourself like you matter.  Because, hello, you do.


Be aware of how you describe yourself and your life to other people.


You’ll start believing what you say, so you might as well make it half full. And again, I’m not talking about making stuff up or embellishing, or glossing over the crap that happens or that you feel. Just don’t give it unnecessary attention or energy which could be more helpfully put to use elsewhere.


The language we use is without a doubt prescriptive as well as descriptive, and is a hugely powerful form of expression.

Let’s treat our verbal language – and with it, ourselves – with the importance it deserves. Whether that means using it as a tool of respect for yourself and other people, learning to talk to and about yourself with kindness and love, thinking nourishing thoughts instead of beating yourself up, or simply having some awareness of the kind of effect words have on our lives and in the world.

Thanks for reading, Pretty ones!  Let me know in the comments if I’ve missed any salient points.  I might do another post on this, as for the sake of length and not wanting to rant I deliberately didn’t talk about labelling and the word vagina.  Gasp!


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100 things to do in 2015! (Okay, 21)


Hello chickedy chickpea chickens!

What do you think of my little gift basket that was auctioned for charity by the Barcelona Women’s Network?  I might start selling gift baskets in my shop, I think they look quite sweet.

So, all set with the resolutions?

Inspired by Leonie Dawson (that woman is a true goddess genius) I present to you my random list of things to do in 2015.  I’ve been making these lists for about 3 years now, and when I’m not feeling too overwhelmed, they seem to work!

This year I’m going to post my list up on the pinboard above my desk so I can see it every day and remind myself of stuff I would like to do this year (is that weird? Do I really need reminding of things I myself want to do?)

Well actually yes I think so!  It’s helpful to see something physically, especially if you are a visual person, and I believe the list will act as an aid to planning and organising my life and scheduling stuff on my calendar (a resolution in itself that I’m determined to carry out).

I’m the sort of person that panics about making sure I maximise the use of my free time, trying to ensure (manically) my time is used in the best possible way.  Ah, how very relaxing!  What a completely first world problem to have.  Anyway, we’ll see how this goes….

Things to do in 2015

(in Leonie’s workbooks she suggests writing 100 things, but I’ve found that to be a touch too overwhelming)

1.  Get a new computer.

2.  Make yoga a regular practice.  (Do you know doyogawithme?  Amazing free online classes!  Thanks Cath for the tipoff!)

3.  Continue to shun normal high street shops when buying clothes.  Second hand, charity shops, Etsy or small cool shops selling clothes handmade in Barcelona is the way to go for me.  (Read To Die For.  This book prompted my decision)  Still need to solve where to get underwear from though!  Any ideas?

4.  Write my journal regularly, at least 3 times a week.  Cheaper than therapy and probably just as effective.

5.  Continue with therapy.  Ha ha!

6.  Drink hot water and lemon first thing in the morning.  (That old chestnut has been on my list a few year’s running.  Starts off well then always seems to peter out…

7.  Create 12 collages.

8.  Give Poppy and Jamie regular massages (just did a wee course and ’twas so simple and lovely!)

9.  Take myself out of the equation and stop shouting when Jamie is playing up.

10.  Start a proper bookkeeping system for This Rosy Life.

11.  Start selling wholesale on Etsy.

12.  Read Show you work.

13.  Do Poppy’s baby book.

14.  Practise Whimsical Lettering exercises.

15.  Get on Instagram

16.  Delve about in Pinterest a bit more.

17.  Watch Mayi Carles videos on Youtube.  I love her!

18.  Use my lovely Parker pen and not balk at 5 euro ink refills every couple of weeks.  It’s in keeping with the idea of using beautiful quality things as everyday objects instead of saving them for ‘best’ or keeping them hidden unused and unloved in a drawer.

19.  See Sophie and have ninja productivity dates with her.

20.  Do ‘blog hop’ blog post.

21.  Buy myself some flowers.  (Already done this one, hooray!)

I love how I’m posting this in February.  I started writing it in January though, so it doesn’t count.

Big creative love,

Jenny xx

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Finished customised wedding collage!

customised wedding collage with watermark



Here’s the completed collage I promised to show you a while ago.  What do you think?

The couple it was gifted to loved it, so that was the main thing, hooray!

Have a lovely Friday my love bugs (nearly wrote love beads then realised that might sound a bit weird)

Hope you’re feeling festive!

Big love and mince pies,

Jenny xx

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Collage in progress

collage in progress intrepid

I love love LOVE making collages!

If I could make 2 of these commissions a week I would be a happy bunny! Maybe I’ll make them anyway, to train myself, even if I don’t have the actual orders yet.

This is a collage I’m in the process* of creating – in between feeding Poppy and typing this one handed – for a beautiful bride and groom in Sydney.  Aren’t they gorgeous looking lovelies?!

* Well I was in the process when I first starting writing this – it’s now at least 2 weeks later and the collage is finished and safely in its new home – but shssh, I’m actually really organised.  (How on earth do you spell shoush???!!)

Will show you the finished piece next time.

Big rainbow love,


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Favourite things: Poppy!

thank you heart

Hello beautiful people of the tinterwebs

I’m typing this with my nearly 4 week old Poppy by my side.  Sigh….new mama hormones are here, I’m so in love with our little baby girl.  And to think I wanted another boy!

I’ve no idea what week it is this week, and who cares?  It’s just a number, like one’s age, it doesn’t really mean anything, unless you’re like me and use it as an excuse to beat yourself up about all the things you thought you might or should have achieved by now and haven’t.

I’m reading The art of being unmistakable by Srinivas Rao, and there are some gems of wisdom in there, let me tell you!  This, for example :

What if AJ Leon’s wise words “this is not your practice life” became the filter for all your decisions?

I like the idea of having a filter for my decisions.  I’ve been wanting to dye my hair blue for a while now but have been too concerned about what people might think (too old, pretentious, why?)  Well if this is not my practice life I better get on with it and who cares what anyone may or may not think???? I imagine they have more pressing concerns anyway n’est-ce pas??!!

Here are some of my happy list things at the moment:

♥ Poppy! (Obviously!  She arrived safe and sound and we love her so much) ♥ New sofa in my studio (I’ll post photos soon) it makes it look soooo cosy!  Perfect for the coming winter months.♥ Steal like an artist book ♥ The art of being unmistakable book.♥ Large Amazon book order full of creative books that I thought I would treat myself to.♥ Somerset Studio magazines – soooo much artistic inspiration! ♥ One of my midwives recognising me in the hospital corridor a couple of weeks later and making a big fuss over me and Poppy, saying how gorgeous she was.♥ Elly’s homemade lasagnes cooked for me whilst I’m at home alone with Poppy.♥ What a thoughtful friend! ♥ Clare coming round and cooking me lunch. Another amazing friend! ♥ Feeling fit and healthy.♥ A million handmedowns for Poppy.♥ Central bookshop.  I went there the other day after a hiatus of a few months.  Yet more inspiration!  So many artsy design and craft books that I don’t actually feel guilty spending money on, because, well, it’s research innit?!! ♥ The Apprentice TV series.  I hesitated to include that but it’s my new thing to be unapologetically myself so I’m owning my guilty secrets!

I’ll leave you with a wee picture of Poppy:


Wishing you lots of love and unabashed self acceptance!

Jenny xx

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Favourite things week 42

winter wedding card picmonkey flowers

Right I’m getting organised!

My mailing list subscription is up and running and I’m using the week of the year number in my blog post title!  There is literally no stopping me.

I’m also giving birth either this week or next Tuesday, so that actually might stop me a little bit, but hey you do what you can.

I’m going to start back with my favourite things/gratitude/happy lists at the beginning of each week, and keep it up each week.  This is my public declaration so please feel free to pipe up and hold me accountable if I start to slack (which I won’t, now I’ve said all that.  Will I?)

So onwards and upwards!

Not sure what’s come over me today, it must be the hormones.

Here’s my list (week 42, as I mentioned before)

(I love knowing what week of the year it is, it makes me feel like a different person.) (Can you put brackets back to back like this?) (Who cares, it’s week 42!)

Favourite things list:

♥ Essential oils ♥  Japanese fabric collage (I’ll take photos when I can) ♥ The above collage which I turned into a winter wedding card ♥ Jamie’s LOVELY new school teacher ♥ French graphic novel (ok comic to you Joe) birthday present from Sophie ♥ crunching ice (the only craving I’ve had this pregnancy; I’m quite pleased it didn’t turn out to be something really depraved like sardines with chocolate mousse or something) ♥ Castelldefells beach and this chiringuito ♥ Ghosts of Spain book (FINALLY read it after 7 years of wanting to) ♥  balmy October beach weather – although having said that I’m looking forward to autumn which hasn’t arrived yet, it’s too hot and I want to put the duvet back on the bed!!  Hey you know it’s always about the little things!  ♥ Feeling equipped and organised with lots of baby handmedowns, street finds (hello perfect condition good make carseat!) and second hand bargains ♥ solo cinema trips (will try to squeeze another one in this week) ♥ solo Arabic baths visits ♥ yoga dvds,♥ lunches out ♥ getting to 101 items in my Etsy shop, woohoo!!!

Yes I feel like I’ve made the most of my 4 weeks of free time.  Now how much more will I get…?

Hope this finds you well and happy and skipping about in crunchy autumn leaves.

Big love and pumpkin lattes to you (I must try one of these coffees that everyone seems to be obsessed with at the moment),

Jenny xx

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Life is really not a beautiful ride. Or rosy.


life is a beautiful ride

Hi sugar puffs

I’m struggling with this a bit at the moment.

Of course we all know life is NOT always a beautiful ride, so is it just annoying and delusional to act like it is, or is it merely focusing on the positive side of things without actually silmataneously denying that all the bad and difficult and hideous and heart wrenching times exist?

Sometimes I feel inane and flimsy going round trying to have a positive take on most things.  Surely some things simply don’t have a positive take, and it isn’t gloomy or depressing or naysaying to acknowledge that.

There are beautiful and comedic moments to be had in the darkest hours, ok, but isn’t it a bit insulting to be continuously walking round hands in pockets metaphorically whistling It’s a Wonderful Life? (although I must say I absolutely love that film!)

Ho hum pigs bum.  What’s your opinion?

Having said all that, I really like the picture in the photo above that a friend got for my birthday, and it gives me pleasure to look upon it.  I’d take lot less pleasure from it if the words said ‘Life is a fucking nightmare,’ or something like that.

Ooh that maybe the first time I’ve sworn on this blog, hope no one is offended!  I actually swear like a trooper a lot of the time, (gasp!)  although I’ve curbed that somewhat what with having a small child with big ears around the place.  (He hasn’t literally got big ears.)

I’ll save my gratitude list for my next post, which I will definitely try to squeeze in before our baby comes (in one week if she’s on time!  Wowsers!)

Oh, and I’ve got a mailing list now, so let’s be pen pals!

Hope your day goes swimmingly,

Jenny xx

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