Thank you April…



♥ Time spent creating.

♥ Finishing my 12 Chinese zodiac animal collages.

♥ Publishing my first blog post in over 2 years.  I am proud of myself!!

♥ Time to wander around alone, lost in my own thoughts, and mini adventures in the city.

♥ Reminding me I have lovely supportive friends in my life.

♥ Finding 2 pins.

♥ Bike rides en famille.

♥ The always-inspiring Flow magazine.

♥ Too much Cava (not sure such a thing exists.  Too much of it, I mean.  I know for fact Cava exists.)

♥ Sunshine and beach visits.

♥ Amazing artesanal icecream after beach visits.

♥ Basil and mint plants and feeling spring-like looking at them flourishing!

♥ Discovering Rae Missigman.

♥ Orange and mint vegan cake made by the lovely Joe.  A variation on this recipe.

♥ Bringing my parents safely home from their mammoth trip to Cuba and the Carribean.

♥ Time spent listening to Kelly -Ann Maddox and Paul Jarvis.  Such wise and entertaining words they both utter!

♥ Roses for Saint Jordi’s day.

♥ A million oranges in the fruit bowl and feeling abundant.

Freedom Seeker book.  I’m now reading it a second time and making notes.

Boy Snow Bird book.  Excited to discover a new (to me) author.

♥ Carrot cake and coffee at Manso’s cafe.

♥ Finding brand new mini table football next to the bins.  Love you Barcelona!

♥ Seeing fish, sharks and sea dragons at the aquarium.



My April round up of things which have brought me joy.

It might seem a bit hackneyed but there’s a reason that making a regular list of things you’re grateful for is a tried and true practice.  Just the fact of writing things down that you can see in black and white pulls the happy moments of your life sharply into focus.

Which means you’ll likely attract more of them!

It’s also nice to have a record of the highlights of the month (or week, or whatever). Especially if you’re like me and obsessed with making the most of your time, and not wanting to have to wonder where it all suddenly went.

What’s on your gratitude list?



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