studio 3 now


A little tour around my studio as it looks now.


Not normally quite as tidy as this, I hasten to add! I’m quite a tidy person but find it really hard to keep this space spick and span – what with projects and collages and whatnots constantly on the go….


The desk to the left is where I theoretically do my creative stuff; the desk to the right is my planning and writing desk, where I do accounts and write in my planner and calendar and feel organised and like a grown up.


studio 2 now


I’ve also started working a fair amount on the floor!  I think I’m destined to be a perrenial student as that was how I always used to do my study and write my essays, with my papers spread out on the floor all around me.  I found it much easier working like that than on a desk, which I’m starting to feel again now. Well, whatever works, hey?!  It’s not really conducive to a tidy studio however, and I have to watch out for Jamie coming along picking up scissors and glue and trampsing over carefully laid-out collages in progress etc!


art supplies rapture

magazine cut outs rapture

pens picmonkey

rosy collage 1

studio 1 now


I’ve taken a couple of the pictures down from the walls since the photo was taken. Not many, but just so I could breathe a little!  I like to have a lot going on, but even for me this was overdoing it a bit.  I love just being able to look up and be instantly inspired, but I’m also discovering it can be a bit more restful to have a little bit of white space around.  Let’s face it, I’m never going to be minimalist, however fashionable that is!


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


And here are a couple of pictures of the old ‘studio’, which was in fact a cosy corner of our bedroom in our old apartment.  And when I say cosy, I mean cosy!!  We only had 2 bedrooms, and when Jamie took up the second one which used to be my boudoir/art room I had to move into our bedroom.


On the plus side, there was lots of natural light, which I lack now, but I have so much S-P-A-C-E it doesn’t matter!  I can’t believe we managed to go to sleep in here every night, with so much going on on the walls, and quite a lot of mess (ahem). Sorry Joe!


old studio pic 2

old studio pic 1

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


And finally the old old studio, which was the original boudoir before Señor Jamie came along to us:


old boudoir 2

old boudoir 1

I love the cut out roses around the mirror.  I really have always loved roses!


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