About Jenny



Once upon a time…


There was a happy little girl called Jenny, who lived in a sleepy little village deep in the English countryside, with her Mum, Dad and three little brothers.


When she was small she loved to bounce high on trampolines (she felt so freeeeee!), read endless books, make perfume from rose petals, collect inspiring quotations, and transform her bedroom into a beautiful space, frequently jumping up out of bed in the middle of the night to push the furniture around when inspiration struck.


She was a sweet and caring child, full of joy, hope, love and trust for the world, and sure in her conviction of life’s essential good-ness.


As she got older, all she wanted to do was travel and see the world that she had read about in her beloved books, and learn about cultures and ways of life different from her own.  So she got a degree in English and World Religions, and a TEFL certificate to teach English as a Foreign Language, and off she went to explore the world, have adventures, and collect amazing experiences.


After several years she was ready to settle down.  She had decided that in order to feel truly fulfilled she needed to be creating beautiful things and helping people in some way.




She thought for a while about becoming a social or elderly care worker, but these paths, although worthwhile and enriching, felt a bit too heavy and joyless for the free spirit she knew herself to be.


She wished and dreamed she could be an artist or maker of some form, and spark in others the joy and inspiration that she herself so often felt.


She told herself it wasn’t realistic, that she didn’t have enough talent, or formal training, and that it wasn’t a worthy or serious thing to do.


Besides, who was she to inspire others to feel good about themselves and their lives?  Her own life was far from perfect, and she certainly didn’t feel happy every minute of every day.


She talked herself out of it for a long time, and instead focused her creative energies elsewhere – making things for her upcoming wedding, creating a beautiful interior space with her new fiancé, and teaching English to immigrants and asylum seekers in the UK, which at least contributed to the feeling that her life had some meaning.


Then, after her beautiful first child chose her to be his mother,  she realised that in order to feel absolutely and truly herself she needed to be creating every day.




With her baby cooing in his cot beside her she started playing with collage and mixed media.


At last!


This felt like something she should be doing.


Bringing together different objects, materials, images and words that called to her, and transforming them into something new and beautiful was a revelation, and, (not to get too profound on you) something she saw as a metaphor for life:  where the mistakes created on a canvas weren’t really mistakes at all, but could become ‘happy accidents’ that added depth and integrity to a piece of artwork – much like the so-called flaws, imperfections and scars of a human that only served to make them more real, and magnified who they actually were.




And so.


After an earnest period of soul-searching exploration and excavation, Jenny vowed to devote herself to bringing beauty and inspiration into the world through her art and natural positivity.  She would play her own small part in making the world a better place:  She would dedicate herself to creating uplifting art centred around the message that she realised she herself needed to hear –


“You are important, your life matters, and the world needs you.”


She *knew* she could make it work!


The idea of being an artist and inspiring people to realise their own worth excited her so much and made her feel authentic because it brought together all of her skills and values:


being creative, playful and free, feeling useful and being able to contribute meaningfully to the world  in her own unique way.




She studied.  She devoured every offering from her artist heroes Kelly Rae Roberts, Suzi Blu, Willowing, to name a few.


She took online art classes and obsessively studied videos and tutorials on YouTube.  She read a million blogs and soulful business books.  She worked on herself, her personal growth, and becoming the best self she could possibly be (with the understanding that this was clearly going to be an ongoing process!)


It took a little while but she made it happen! Her beautiful heart-centred creative business This ♥ Rosy ♥ Life is now starting to soar….


And she lived and loved happily ever after, by the sea in Barcelona with her beautiful creative and caring husband and their two mischievous adorable small imps children.


She spent her time dreaming up more beautiful things and creating them, blogging, teaching inspiration workshops, doing yoga on the beach, writing her journal and reading alone in the cool and quirky little cafes that she loved to discover.



The End