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today's going to be good

Life is simply too short and precious not to grab it by the horns and surround yourself with as much creativity, kindness, beauty and inspiration as is humanly possible!

If you want to:

  • Be more kind
  • spread more joy
  • feel more alive
  • make more art
  • send more cards
  • write more letters
  • count more blessings
  • have more adventures
  • know your own worth
  • celebrate yourself

Then This Rosy Life is for you.


If you’re tired of:


  • boring blah walls that don’t express your true creative and unique self
  • looking at mass-produced art prints
  • sending generic greeting cards that don’t quite get your message across
  • feeling like other people’s lives are better than yours
  • feeling unappreciated or unrecognized
  • Not fulfilling your potential


Then This Rosy Life is for you.


Imagine your home with artwork you absolutely loved, that had special meaning to you.  Or if every time you looked up at your walls they reminded you of the positive rosy things in life and the fact that you’re living a life out loud.


Picture the joy on the faces of the people you love when they open a perfectly chosen card from you which has them “written all over it.”




I’m Jenny.   Artist, adventurer and joy-spreader. (Well, that’s on a good day.)


It’s my mission in life to make you and the gorgeous people in your world feel inspired, creative and generally good about themselves through this blog and quirky positive art.


After several years dreaming and adventuring around this beautiful planet teaching English, I started This Rosy Life to create offbeat and uplifting art and products, designed to inspire you to live a rosy life,  express your magical, creative and playful self, and remind you of your uniqueness and utter importance in the world.


This Rosy Life’s quirky artwork has been exhibited in various cool and independent cafes in Barcelona.  It can also be found in creative and artistic shops throughout Spain and the UK, and adding bold little splashes of colour and positivity to the walls of inspired individuals in places as far flung as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, The US, and all over Europe.  




Don’t forget to check out This Rosy Life’s Etsy shop and hop on the mailing list!



17 thoughts on “About This Rosy Life

  1. julespaige says:

    Links and ping backs confuse me. So I generally don’t deal with them, especially the ones that end up in my spam folder. Your’s however is just pending. And since you are also WordPress. I’ll think about it. Just give me a day or two. It looks like you have a nice blog here and I intend to bookmark it. I mostly deal with other writers, poets, but I also honor other crafty people. If you visit again please look at my Disclaimer page. That might give you an Idea as to where I am coming from. I don’t sell anything myself and have an add free blog. But I do make exceptions. Thank you for your patience and good luck with your family and your crafts. I have also sold some of my small crafts. But not on line.


  2. heartflow2013 says:

    I’ve heard a lot about Barcelona, especially about Gaudi’s work. You and Jamie (and your husband) are fortunate to live there! I love your creativity! Go for it! It will take you where you want to go! with Love and Happiness, tomas ☼

  3. cashmerecroissants says:

    Jenny, after reading some of your posts and your ‘about’ section (the day of coming out of hospital, I can honestly say that you have brought a smile to my face!! I love the fact that you’re so happy & positive, life is wayyyy too short!! Well done you 🙂 xx

    • thisrosylife says:

      Well thank you so much! You’ve just made my day! I don’t always feel it I can tell you, I’ve just made a commitment to focus on the positive because what’s the point of dwelling on the negative eh? Big Rosy love to you and your lovely comments xx

  4. Positive Sarah says:

    Hi Jenny – this might sound like a silly question, but how do you make your collages? Do you use computer software? I love the idea of making collages as I used to be able to draw and now, after RSI, I can’t so much. But I have no idea where to start on making collages so any advice would be appreciated.

    • thisrosylife says:

      Hello again, I don’t use computer software, everything painstakingly by hand! I’ve never been interested in doing it digitally so I really can’t give you any ideas.
      In terms of making them by hand, the thing I love most is repurposing everyday and odd and old images-from vintage magazines, any old magazines, junk mail, old books, napkins, stuff I find on the street (Barcelona is so good for that). Find some images that you’re attracted to and just mess around, add some paint and gel pens and away you go! You know who really inspires me? Teesha Moore! She is amazing and has a lot of free You Tube turorials for her art journals and collages. Check her out, she’s so talented. Also Violette. Thanks for reminding me, I’m planning to do a post on my favourite inspiring resources.
      Let me know how it goes, I’d love to hear.x

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