Things to remember when buying handmade!

things to remember


These pearls of wisdom were on the Etsy forums the other day, original source unknown.

I made them into a mini poster, feel free to share!  (You might need to enlarge it a bit first if you want to print it out)

Happy hump day!

Jenny xx

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Etsy love!

etsy banner new


Hello dearest gorgeous beautiful cherubs

This is my new Etsy banner, thought I’d show it to you here so you can see what you think…

I’m almost happy with it, the whimsical face is a bit pixelated so I’ll change that I think.  I really like the colours.

Created once again on the marvellous Picmonkey!

Continuing with the Etsy theme, I’ve just come across Handmadeology, a wonderful site that I’m probably the last to know about, which gives loads of tips for improving your Etsy shop and selling handmade.  I also learned about this great tool for sharing Etsy treasuries, which I am about to put to use here:

(YAY!!  It actually worked!  Go me with my non-techie ways!)


‘Mixed MEDIA Darlings’ by Irrationalartscom

Gorgeous and so colorful mixed media prints.

Mixed Media Art Print, Whims…


She felt free Christy Tomlin…


Tween Girls Art,Inspirationa…


robot 5×7 mixed media art pr…


6×6 hand painted canvas &quo…


8 X 10 “She Who Sings&q…


Three’s company…5 x 7 …


Wanderlust – fine art print,…


There’s Nothing Like Sta…


Whimsical girl art print, wi…


Banksy Art Style Print – New…


inspirational print | motiva…


Mixed media girl picking wil…


Original Mixed Media Collage…


Love came down and rescued m…


Mixed Media Art Print – Whim…


Powered By Handmadeology

Can you spot which artwork is mine without looking at the shop name underneath the images?!

If you want to see the treasury online, click here.

Sigh….I love being featured on other people’s treasuries.  Would LOVE it if it could lead to more sales!  Repeat after me, ‘I will make a living selling my creations, I will make a living selling my creations….’

Anyway sugarplums, hope all is well in your world.  Wishing you a crunchy summer salad with amazing strawberry and balsamic vinegar dressing, and maybe a little catnap in the sun under a friendly tree in a park.

Big love as always, Jenny xx

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Favourite Creative Books

creative books

Hello sugar plum fairies!

Well it’s April and I have 3 months left to complete my 39 books-this-year challenge.  I’m on 26 so far, so I need to up the ante (whatever that means) and get on with it!

To help myself along I think I may include non- fiction creative books, i.e books with lots of beautiful pictures in them so I can cheat!

These are some of my favourite ever creative books that I ll never get tired of looking at.  Such inspiration and so many ideas to kick-start your own!

What are some of your favourites?

Hope the sun is shining on you and Happy Sant Jordi’s day to my Barcelona friends!

Jenny xx

Sewing love!

jamie letters


Jamie’s starting to put the letters of his name in the right order so I made him these little fabric letters to help him along.

Plus it gave me a chance to do a little sewing project, which I find sooooo relaxing!

I really should learn how to work my (extremely basic) sewing machine, but there’s something really satisfying about sewing by hand, and the more hand-made it looks the better, as I like to tell myself!

They’re about 10cm long, just the right size for his little hands, and he seems to like playing with them.  I just drew the letters on to fabric using chalk, cut round them, hand stitched then stuffed them with cut up socks…so, yep, feeling pretty smug about this little achievement!  It reminded me about the owls I made just before Jamie was born, in the heat of the summer – we holed up inside under the aircon sewing owls.  It was very therapeutic!

Any little projects you’ve been working on?   Oh…by the way, you probably know it already but I’ve just discovered the Soulemama blog and what inspiration!!!   I want to go out and buy all her books and go and live in rural New England with a dog!  Anyway check it out for a lot of creative inspiration, projects and lovely photos if you haven’t already..

Lots of love my butterbeans,

Jenny xx

These are the books I’m reading






Not all at once, obviously, and I must admit I’ve finished the Pawnee one, which was as hilarious as you might expect.

I love having a pile of books on my bedside table, full of potential.

Have you read any of these?

What books are you reading at the moment?

I hope you’re having a delicious week! xx

Almost-completed collage!


estelle collage rapture


estelle collage almost fnished


Nearly finished this customised collage featuring the name of a friend’s baby….

Now if I can just secure one or two of these a week I’ll be a happy bunny! (appropriately enough, as we are approaching Easter.)

What have you been up to my little pop tarts?

Big sunny love,

Jenny xx

The importance of taking time out

santa pau mirror

Goofy family picture before we set off for our long walk through the hills

Leonie Dawson is always talking about working smarter not harder.

She works 3 hours a day and has such a beautifully thriving business.  I love this advice!

Identify areas in your business or life you where you can improve your time management or productivity and this has nothing to do with working until midnight every night.

santa pau walking

For me, identifying that I am so much more awake and productive and alert in the mornings means I don’t waste time trying to do anything important after 7 or 8 pm, or it’s simply counter-productive.

santa pau cows

santa pau view

santa pau hills

Similarly, taking time out, away from everything, or at least away from your normal routine, can also work wonders.  We went to the Garrotxa region of Catalonia a couple of weeks ago and I found it so restful and restorative being away for one little night.

santa pau snow

I´ll never get tired of looking at the snow-capped Pyrenees

santa pau hill

santa pau buildings

santa pau jamie and statue

Jamie takes a shine to a him-size sculpture. We had to drag him away after he’d given it the 100th kiss!

Making time in my working day to grab a quick coffee with a friend or do some yoga is also simply maravilloso!!

How do you ‘fill your well’ and take time out?  I ‘d love to know your ideas!

With much love,

Jenny xx

3 Ordinary Things Worth Celebrating


Linking in with the lovely The Petit Cadeau and Joyful Roots blogs for a community blog tour of everyday things worth celebrating.  Hooray!

Here’s my  list of 3 out-of-the-ordinary things I believe are worth celebrating: Stay tuned for further installments, I have many more items to add!

1.  Getting old.

A lot of people in the world don’t get that privilege. I’ll worry about potential ill-health when the time comes, but in the meantime another grey hair and wrinkle is going to be cause to celebrate! I’m still here!  I’m alive and kicking and look how far I’ve come!

I love how we as humans emulate nature – the seasons, the phases of the moon.

Well I’m entering middle age, and I plan to embrace it!  That doesn’t mean I can’t still be young at heart, of course, it just means that for me since I became a mother 2 years ago I have felt completely ready to be fully in this second phase of my life.  I’m finally happy to be a crafty nerdy homebody that stays at home all the time, doesn’t smoke or go out til 8am every weekend.  That’s something to celebrate!

I will also hopefully have the pleasure of growing old with my husband and little boy.  Watch my son grow up.  I know children grow up so quickly and I plan to document as much as I can – stopping short when the process of documentation gets in the way of savouring the moment for itself.

(Read the classic Jenny Joseph poem and watch The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel film for further getting old celebration!)

2.  Giving and Receiving Compliments.

nicky book 5  dusk round corners

I’m such a big fan of compliments – both the giving and the receiving.  When I receive a compliment I try to write it down and put it in a special compliments scrapbook I’ve made.  I often forget, but I love the idea anyway!! I write the date, the compliment, and who said it to me. It’s such a lovely thing to look back on, all the more so if you’ve had a bad day or are feeling a bit down on yourself.

I think it’s important to try to accept any compliments we’re given.  I know it can be difficult, (especially as women, as we’re basically indoctrinated from birth to be self deprecating), but a smile and a thank you and not a self put-down both acknowlege the giver of the compliment and train the mind of your future self that you are worthy to receive future compliments!

And on the flipside:  Giving someone a compliment can be such a simple thing to do yet yield such massive results.  What’s not to like?!! Maximum output for minimum input!  I’ll never forget the time I told one of my dad’s friends his new haircut really suited him – he grinned from ear to ear and his face lit up like I’d completely made his day!  It was wonderful!  I was a bit taken aback by what an effect I’d had by something I’d thought so little over.

Anyway my point is it’s a very easy way to make someone happy.  I’m not talking about saying something for the sake of it or saying something false, but If I think something nice about someone I make a point of saying it.  I’ve started doing it with strangers too, which admittedly makes me feel a bit of an idiot at times, but I can assure you it’s completely worth it!

Compliment scrapbooks make amazing presents too by the way.  For my mum’s 60th birthday and when some friends left Barcelona I asked people what their favourite memories about that person were or what they loved most about them, and compiled all the answers together in a little arty book.

Hearing such nice details and anticipating the joy the recipient is going to feel at all those lovely things others treasure  about her is almost as good as being on the receiving end of something like that myself….(double win!)

I also make a point to pass on compliments I’ve heard said about someone. Why not, eh?  A bit of positivity is always worth sharing…

3.  Writing to-do lists and paying bills.

feb planner

open planner2

I’ve recently got into decorating daily planners, which apparently is a big ole phenomenon I’ve been missing out on!  Suzi Blu mentioned this Facebook Page and since I discovered that I’ve been making my daily diary pretty with washi tape and glitter and stickers and revelling in being 10 years old again!  There’s something to be said for making the ordinary parts of the everyday special, or adding a bit of positive attention and mindfulness to them, and I can happily report that I now enjoy writing my daily to-do lists because they look so pretty!

And as for paying bills…well, of course it’s mostly done online now, but getting into the habit of keeping records and accounts- of what we usually see as boring or negative parts of life- in really pretty stationery, and using a favourite pen to do it, really makes a difference to how you approach such chores.

Also, as I believe SARK once said, try changing your attitude to being grateful. Instead of cursing utility companies for having such sky-high prices, start at least acknowledging the fact that we’re in a somewhat privileged position to have access to and be in a position to pay for running water, electricity, gas, all on demand.  How often do these things really not work or go wrong?  Not very often!!

planner front

What ordinary things do you believe are worth celebrating?

With love and ordinariness,

Jenny xx

PS  I’m so okay with imperfection these days (thanks Brené Brown) I’ve even included the last photo which has the ‘d’ from ‘daily’ and the Thursday stickers missing!!  Ha ha!!